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The objective of the SAANGRIA Test project is to flight test the instruments expected to be deployed on the DEEPWAVE mission in 2014. The test flights on the NCAR GV were in Feb/Mar 2013 based out of the Rocky Mountain Regional Airport.

Instruments in SAANGRIA Test

  1. GATS: 5W Rayleigh lidar at 351nm that would measure neutral densities and temperatures at altitudes from ~30 to 60 km with high spatial and temporal resolution
  2. GATS: 14W Na resonance lidar that would measure winds and temperatures via Rayleigh and Mie backscatter from ~15-30 km and via resonant backscatter from ~80-105 km
  3. USU: Mesospheric Temperature Mapper (MTM) that measures OH airglow temperatures at ~87 km in a 2D array at very high spatial resolution along and across the NGV flight track

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