Right, so here's some pictures. Click to enlarge.



This is a campfire. This picture was taken at night and I think it looks cool, Especially with the black background I've got goin' on.

This was my birthday present from James. Meat. It was the best gift ever. All I had for dinner that night was Briscuit and boy was it good.

Here's pictures of, well, sand. Lots of sand. Some friends and I went to the Great Sand Dunes National Park and this is what we saw. We spent the entire day in what is essentially a giant sandbox and it was awesome. We dug holes, ran barefoot through the sand, and threw ourselves down steep sand slopes. Oh, and we polished coke cans with chocolate.

Here's a picture taken looking out my balcony door. It's a rainbow. You can even see the rain.

This is the Royal Arch, a rock formation in Chataqua park in Boulder, Colorado. It's a stretch to hike out to, which I tend to forget until I actually start hiking to it. I have no idea who those fools under the arch are.


Alright, below are links to pages that contain multiple picture, so it behooves you to check 'em out.

Contained herein are pictures of the Boulder Creek path on a wet, cloudy and cool day. There's even a picture of a llama in there.

Last Chance, Colorado is located due west of Denver, about 100 miles away from Boulder. It's in the middle of grassy fields. That's about it and I really like it there for some reason.

Ooo, an arch. Made of rock. These are pictures of Arches National Park, in Utah.

I'm not telling you what pictures the above link leads to. I trust you can figure it out.

That's my brother, the Homestar Runner. Seriously though, I love the way this picture turned out. I don't even know if he knew I was taking it.

If you click on the above picture you'll find random pictures of my trip to California to visit my sister and her kids, and then our drive back, where we got out of the car a lot to look at rocks and thorny plants and sand. Kev liked the sand part.

I got to attend the PASI school in October of 2010. It was fantastic, both in terms of the science and in the people I got to meet. This picture links to photos from that trip as well as a movie or two. o dos!


Well, that's it. Hope you enjoy the photos. I may post later or even flesh this out into a full blown website someday. We'll see.